greeting and welcome to our corner on the web. this blog site (TRANSFORMATIONS) has many parts. it includes: recipes from my Armenian heritage and new ones, RV travels, photos, my favorite music artists, and archive of my music. also a link to my youtube channel where i posted a selection from each of my albums, for you listening pleasure.

born, Shant Gabriel Avadis Yeghzar Meeroian, on 24th of November 1965. married (on April 9th) to my wonderful wife Letty, our adventure is just beginning.

i grew up in the Camp Gallani, Armenian section in Baghdad Iraq. family immigrated from Armenia, during the genocide by the Turks in 1915. my family began its journey to the west (America) in 1975 after my mothers passing. first attempt landed our family in Beirut, Lebanon. the food the music and the sights, were a taste of whats to come. the people were so happy with what they had.

in late 1976 Greece was to be the family's second attempt in our westward journey. Athens was the most wonderful of memories I hold, only 11 at the time. Seeing the old ruins was inspiration for many thing to come in my life. from the history to the people and the land. Just magnificent.

on April 20th we landed in America, it has been home since 1977 and its been great. the mixture of people, food, and music has been much more than i i had imagined . it truly is a melting pot.

any questions e-mail me at: sgmeero@gmail.com